Biomimetic Dendrimers and Photonic Laboratory

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Ezequiel Perez-Inestrosa

Ezequiel Perez-Inestrosa (Group Leader)

Position Full Professor


Telephone +34 952 137 565 (University)
Telephone +34 952 367 609 (Bionand)

Fax +34 952 133 433 (University)
Fax +34 952 367 610 (Bionand)

Ezequiel Perez-Inestrosa is Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Málaga. He studied chemistry at the University of Granada (Spain) and completed his PhD Thesis at the University of Malaga (Spain). After a short period at the industry, he performed postdoctoral stays at the Research and Development Centre (University of Puerto Rico, 1996) and the Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Organometallique (Université Bordeaux-1, 1997-1998), and joined the University of Málaga where alternate his educational and research work.

Research Interests:
- Supramolecular Chemistry and Photochemistry
- Fluorescent Molecular Sensors
- Multichromophoric Systems
- Investigation of Surfaces by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
- Molecular Recognition
- Dendrimer Based Nanobiology Technology
- Interaction of Dendrimers with the Immune System: drugs allergy studies