Biomimetic Dendrimers and Photonic Laboratory

The Biomimetic Dendrimers and Photonic Laboratory is part of the Department of Organic Chemistry in the University of Málaga and part of the Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, BIONAND. Our group, also, belongs to the Spanish Red de Investigación de Asma, Reacciones Adversas y Alérgicas (ARADYAL), and is a Consolidated Group in the Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Málaga IBIMA. Our research is focused on the development of new molecular and supramolecular chemical entities, at nano- and micro-scale, and their applications in biological medias of medical interest. Particular attention on the design and engineering at molecular level of nanostructured organic compounds and photonic devices is attained. Our research deals on the frontiers of nano-chemistry and biomedicine. The main interest is to improve existing diagnostic and therapies, by employing novel nanomaterials - dendrimers.

A new family of stable and aqueous soluble high-generation dendrimers in a gram scale have been recently published in Polymer Chemistry. Our work represents a substantial improvement in the synthesis of aliphatic polyamide amino terminal dendrimers, being those promising scaffolds for applications where the combination of stability, multivalence and efficient conjugation is required.

Slightly congested amino terminal dendrimers. Amide-based stable structures with large-scale synthesis

Combining 4H-pyranylidene and triphenylamine moieties results in chromophores bearing suitable properties for multiple and diverse applications. Performed in collaboration with Andreu's and Ruiz Delgado's laboratories, we have recently published in Materials Advances a comprehensive study about the great versatility of these dyes.
Spontaneous macrocyclization through multiple dynamic cyclic aminal formation

A collaboration between LDBF and Ignacio Alfonso´s Group (IQAC-CSIC) describes the formation of dynamic [2+2] macrocycles by the reorganization of aminal bonds and has been recently published in Chem. Commun. Surprising this aminal bonds are water stable, what encourages us to study their potential biomedical applications.
Spontaneous macrocyclization through multiple dynamic cyclic aminal formation

BPO-PAMAM Dendrimer   Logic Gate   Logic Gate   Defining the Structure of Immunoreactivity


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